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New cancer research lab at the Université de Sherbrooke in Canada focusing on functional genomics in the tumor microenvironment

We are hiring at all levels! Please send your cv and cover letter at


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Brosseau et al. Neurology2018 

Alternative Splicing

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Brosseau AppliedCancerResearch2018 

Mouse Model

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Brosseau et al. NatureCommunications2018

Our laboratory has an interest and expertise in elucidating gene expression programs involved in tumorigenesis, especially those involving cells in the tumor microenvironment. To do this, we use transgenic mouse models, "omic" technologies such as single cell sequencing and mass spectrometry, as well as the culture of primary and cancer cells. In addition, we are developing molecules (antisense oligonucleotides) to reduce tumor growth in pre-clinical models.

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